Gutter, Roof & Home Maintenance

Tips For The Care Of Household

Aluminum Carpentry

It is characterized by its resistance to climatic effects, its lightness, its design possibilities and its low maintenance cost. If you opt for aluminum carpentry with “thermal bridge rupture” technology, you can reduce the external-internal thermal transmission, avoid the generation of humidity and optimize energy and comfort. The material can be anodized or painted.

For Proper Maintenance

  • Do not hit doors and windows when closing them to avoid deterioration of the wall or partition that supports them.
  • Clean guides, rails, and profiles so that the displacement trolleys are not damaged, and the window frame or window frame is damaged.
  • Clean and continuously check the lower channels and the drainage holes of windows and doors, before and during the rainy season.
  • Clean the aluminum surfaces with pure warm water.
  • Never polish aluminum surfaces, as this may damage the protective layer.
  • Check the sealing of the windows in the meeting of the frames with walls every two months.
  • Ventilate the rooms to avoid humidity due to condensation that can damage the carpentry.

Wood Carpentry

The wooden openings are chosen because they give warmth and sophistication to the rooms. They require some maintenance to preserve their natural properties and lifespan. The sealing and sealing systems increase their functionality.

For Proper Maintenance

    • Do not reduce and brush the door when the swelling is due to environmental humidity because when it disappears, the door will return to its average volume.
    • Do not aim the watering of the garden towards doors or windows.
    • Clean the lower parts of the windows and doors when the massifs or nearby gardens are worked.
    • Clean the glass with products certified for this use, applying them directly on a cloth to avoid splashes that may stain the wood.
    • Perform maintenance with paints and protection products every two years.
    • Check the correct operation of the latches, latches, hinges; since they are the elements that suffer the most the use and the mistreatment.
    • Clean guides for proper performance.
  • Check weatherstripping and replace them if necessary at least every two months.
  • Check the joints and sealed with the frames. Use silicone sealants if needed.
  • Ventilate the rooms to avoid humidity due to condensation, which can damage the carpentry.

Our Other Home Services For Housekeeping: Cleaning, Ironing, And Shopping

In addition to its childcare services, AUSYLPHI Family has developed a range of complementary services to make life easier for families. So our agency also offers maintenance services to the home (cleaning, ironing …). As always the quality and the seriousness of the services are our hallmarks, you can entrust your home or your linen to our speakers who will take the most excellent care. By relieving yourself of household chores, you will have more time to devote yourself or to devote to your family!


Entrust your home to our stakeholders and find a home impeccable on your return!AUSYLPHI Family remains your interlocutor of choice when it comes to housework and maintenance of your home!


Your laundry is in good hands and will be treated with the utmost care.Speed and professionalism are the keywords of all our speakers!


No time or not want to move to the supermarket? Enjoy your family; we take care of shopping for you.You list your purchases, and we take care of everything else. What more?

Temporary Incapacity Of A Family Member

A small accident prevents you from taking care of yourself or your house?

AUSYLPHI Family sets up for the duration of your disability a personalized support system to help you in all the gestures of daily life.

The importance of proper maintenance of household appliances

Any electrical or electronic device, and even those that are not, have clear maintenance needs in their daily use to avoid wear and deterioration over time. Of course, we cannot pretend that a product purchased today has an infinite useful life but, with proper maintenance of the appliances, we can lengthen it for a while or, at least, delay the need to repair it.

To become aware of the importance of maintenance, one only has to look at the data on the average expenditure per household in Spain for repairs and reforms. The figure reaches € 1,400 per year, and if we fix our attention on household appliances, we get an average of € 125 a year just to repair these devices (this statistic only takes into account the repair, the purchase of new tools is not included).

Maintenance Tips

Therefore, it seems clear that the use of household appliances must meet a series of recommendations to achieve an efficient application that allows maximizing its useful life. The first point where we should all emphasize is the rational use of them. Circumscribe its use when strictly necessary since the wear itself derived from the operation is the main obstacle for the life of any device. Another aspect to take into account is the environment where the tools are stored and stored. Necessary conditions of constant temperature and humidity will help to improve maintenance (high temperatures and high humidity percentages are clear enemies of electrical appliances).

In addition to lengthening the useful life of the appliances, correct use of the tools will also result in a saving of the electricity bill of any home, which of course is a fact that should not be underestimated. If you want to know how to save on your bill with simple tips, download our “Energy Saving Guide for Home” from CONFIANZA ELECTRO utterly free of charge